Care Tips

Only the best Heuchera in the most intense colors can be found in this Indian Summer collection. With these useful care tips, you can enjoy the Heuchera even more:

Heuchera's do not like bright sunlight. They still got a very sunny place? Make sure they get enough moisture.


You can have the 'Indian Summer' feeling throughout the year! Even in the cold of winter you can enjoy the colorful foliage of this solid and hardy (garden) plants.


Little sun in one corner of your garden or patio? The lighter varieties are the perfect plant for shady areas. Including the Lime Marmalade of the Heuchera Indian Summer collection grows best in little sunlight.


Planting this garden plant is not in the ground, but in a patio pott? Keep in mind that they have enough space, because the more space for the roots, the greater the volume of the plant. Also make sure that the pots get enough water!


From June till approximately September Heuchera will rejoice with flowers that bloom in clusters on a number of long flower steal.


The Heuchera has several varieties, but generally it applies that the plants are approximately 40 cm high.